Shaker Red Raider Relay

May 19, 2019 @ 4pm

Join us for this fun-filled community event!
New in 2019: two distances!

Thank you all for joining us for our 2019 relay race! We hope to see you again in 2021! ❤

4x1 Mile 4-Person-Relay

Who is it for?

Shaker students, families and friends.

4x400 Meters 4-Person-Relay

Who is it for?

Elementary school students, their families and friends & walkers of any age.

Our Mission

The Shaker Red Raider Relay is organized by the Friends of Shaker Heights Cross Country, a not-for-profit group, founded by parents of the Shaker Heights High School Cross Country team.

Our mission is to promote long distance running, health, self-confidence and teamwork for all of our Shaker youth and families.

All proceeds of the Shaker Red Raider Relay support SHHS XC.